Full Potential Healing

Restore & Thrive

Suzanne Scannell is the founder of Full Potential Healing where she offers individual sessions, workshops and classes to help you balance, boost and restore your energy and well-being.  She continues to see clients on zoom and in person following safety guidelines during COVID-19.

The Journey

Suzanne’s journey began several years ago when she injured her elbow and had surgery to repair and reposition her ulnar nerve. The surgery didn’t go well. She had no use of her right arm for quite some time and experienced excruciating nerve pain for months without the ability to take any pain medications due to allergies.  One day, feeling overwhelmed by the debilitating pain and despair, she remembered she had purchased a book but never opened it---Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden. She read it from cover to cover and discovered techniques to bolster energy, relieve pain, and boost her immune system.  

More about Eden Method:  https://edenmethod.com/?a_aid=60e12e5c41644

The Healing Begins

Suzanne immediately started to apply what she learned for the pain techniques.   For months, she worked on herself and even taught family and friends to work on her with this new practice of Energy Medicine. The injury and the miracle of Donna Eden’s healing modalities were life changing for Suzanne. 

The Catalyst for Change

Suzanne researched Donna Eden and immediately signed up for introductory classes on Energy Medicine. She spent 5 years studying with Donna Eden and is now a certified Advanced Practitioner.  Suzanne loves working with people and applying what she has learned from Eden Method which utilizes a variety of time honored modalities and protocols to help your body heal itself and operate at its highest energetic vibration.  

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