What is it?

Time Honored Modalities

Eden Energy Medicine utilizes a variety of time honored modalities and protocols to help the body heal itself and operate at its highest energetic vibration. Through a combination of massage, acupressure and muscle testing, we explore the rhythms of your own body and what are the exact tools you may practice on yourself to maintain balance. Eden Energy Medicine helps you to see your body, your mind, your behaviors and patterns through an energetic lens.

Releasing & Clearing

Sometimes, behaviors and patterns are explored in psychotherapy but in energy medicine, we are simply following the energy. Our bodies, tissues and cells are the record keepers of all of our experiences throughout our lives. Energy medicine can be a means of clearing and releasing stagnant, stuck or blocked physical and emotional energy without having to verbalize the past circumstances. This is one of the many things that Suzanne Scannell loves about this work.

Tools & Techniques

Believe it or not, your body is always "routing" for you. It is constantly compensating and exerting effort. It’s giving you signals as to what it needs at every moment. On a daily basis, around the clock, your nine energy systems are working in your favor, restoring, regenerating and healing. What happens is, your energy systems can sometimes get out of balance when organs or meridians have excess energy (over energized). This may manifest physically for example as a headache. Conversely, organs or meridians can also test as under energized or weak (needing energy). This may manifest physically as fatigue. Energy Medicine utilizes techniques to balance these energies and give you tools to support clearing symptoms of headache or fatigue if it creeps up again. Energy Medicine offers ways to understand your body’s energy and what you may need on a given day.