Below are just some of the incredible stories of client's energetic shifts and improved energies. Suzanne Scannell is always in awe of the body's ability to heal and these are great examples.

“Suzanne’s energy-healing work is very relevant in today’s over-stimulated world. I found a regained sense of ease and balance after each session, and over time observed that I was able to handle more stressful situations without overload. Plus, Suzanne herself is highly professional and with integrity. I I do and have referred many friends to experience her treatment.” ~Sarah

"After just one session with Suzanne, my son's nervous facial tics disappeared." ~Melissa

"Suzanne was my supportive presence, as my husband underwent an unusual, sudden and urgent cardiothoracic surgery. The surgery was thought to be a four hour procedure, but complications required a medically induced coma, and in total, a nine hour surgery with a very talented and skilled surgeon and surgical team. Suzanne gathered his loved ones around his hospital bed to hold him physically and spiritually while she perceived and manipulated the areas of his energy fields specifically, his aura, kidneys and spleen. The monitors on the screen were actually showing changes in blood pressure and heart rate during her work holding his acupoints. The rest of the night was spent in prayer, hope and uncertainty. Not only did he survive the surgery, return to this life with increased sensitivity, but even when the surgeon was uncertain of his prognosis, Suzanne confidently used her training in energy medicine, that I am convinced complemented western medicine and pulled him through. Here we are three years later, and my husband and I are not only astounded but blessed by Suzanne’s compassionate, efficacious and natural skill." ~Penny

" After deeply focused energy sessions with Suzanne that included grid repair & regression, my symptoms disappeared. What's more, I feel stronger overall and energetically balanced. Suzanne is responsive, easily accessible, compassionate and skilled as an advanced practitioner. I highly recommend her." ~GPH

"Great Service, peaceful setting. I appreciate Suzanne's help. I left the session feeling refreshed and rejuvenated." ~Tim

"I was diagnosed with Hypertension level 3 in January of 2015 and immediately was prescribed 2 high blood pressure meds to lower both the upper and lower numbers which were always high in weekly blood pressure checks. My physician had done the best for me with regard to Western medicine. After seeking out regular energy medicine sessions with Suzanne, my BP levels continued to drop after each session and I was even able to muscle test what med(s) were effective (or not). Pure and simple, energy medicine works and I am proud to say that currently I am on the lowest dose of 1 BP med to date." ~Corey

"Suzanne is a LIGHT. She has a way of seeing your SOUL and the beauty that awaits you in a balance body. She has an intuitive and insightful knowing that holds the space for your present and future healing. Our sessions together have been both a strong foundation for my constant personal growth as well as catapulting my being’s vibration and desires to evolve. Eden Energy Medicine has allowed me to have a new understanding of myself, a way to read my body’s calling to heal. Suzanne has been such a consistently strong and beautiful witness to my journey back to myself.

I have been so BLESSED to receive her guidance and restored health through my work with Suzanne."


"When receiving energy work from Suzanne, all my sluggish and anxious feelings dissipate. I'm left feeling balanced and totally at peace! I would recommend her to anyone!" ~Larry